Boat Categories: The number of particpants in the first year is limited to 100 boats! So please register early. German Seamasters (07.05.2016) Single Surfski (SS1 M/W) Double Surfski (SS2 M/W/MIX) Participants must be over 18 years of age. Registrations You can register online using the following link: German Seamasters Registration Form Entry Fee: German Seamasters 35,00 Euro per Person The entry fee is to be paid at the registration on the day of the race. Should there be more than 70 boat registrations we will accept further registrations that will be entered onto a waiting list in order of registration. Should more slots become available the race organizer will you know. Navigation: All participanst will given a course map at the race briefing.The race course will always be within sight of the shoreline. Safety The race will take place on the open waters of the Baltic Sea. All participants need to be aware of racing on open waters. All particpants take part at their own risk. The race organiser does not take responsibility for damage to persons or equipment. All participants are required to assist any other participants who are in need of assistance. Mobile phone reception for the course is 100% if participants need to contact the race organisers. There will be at least 3 safety boats accompanying participants. One boat will accompany the race leaders, a second boat will follow up on the field from behind and a 3rd boat will shuttle from the leaders and the last participants. If any participants are in need of aid, the safety boat will collect them and bring them directly to shore. From there they will be collected by a motor vehicle. Communication between the race organiser and the safety boats/vehicles will take place via the mobile phone network. Participant Safety Equipment PFD - Every particpant has to wear a CE certified PFD(Personal Flotation Device) with a minimum buoyancy of 50N. Mobile Phone - Every participant has to have a functioning waterproof mobile phone on their person and has to have the number of the race organiser saved on his/her phone. Leg leash - At least 1 person per boat has to wear a safety leash/ legleash that is attached to the boat. Clothing -  Participants should wear appropriate paddling clothing. The water temperatures will be between 6 - 10°C) Smoke Flare -  At least 1 person per boat needs to have emergency smoke flare.
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